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People Have Been Experiencing Weird Quarantine Dreams — Have You?

Quarandreams are a very real thing, and we want to hear about yours!

So there's this new term called "quarandream" — quarantine dream — and a lot of people are experiencing it right now...probably even you.

Is it just me or has everyone been having like super vivid dreams over quarantine. I can’t remember a night where I haven’t had atleast 2 dreams. They have complete story lines, a full arc and ending... not mad. Just suspicious.

In fact, many thinkpieces have been written about it too.

Like, maybe you've experienced an upsetting nightmare about germs?

Anybody having coronavirus nightmares? Last night I dreamed I had to climb up a steep slope on a rickety set of stairs and it was really crowded and everybody was holding the ~same~ ~germy~ ~handrail~

Or maybe it's a stressful (but also mildly amusing) dream about you trying to solve the coronavirus crisis?

I had a dream I found the cure for corona virus but I spilt chocolate milk on it

Perhaps your weird AF dreams involve some of your favorite movie or TV characters?

has anyone else been having weird quarantine dreams.... because i know i got trapped in a dungeon with spongebob last night

Whatever your quarantine dream is about, we want to hear ALL about it! Seriously...details are great.

I had a dream that Trump was insisting that instead of charts, he wanted to do his presser in front of piles of fruit "because people are crazy for fruit" and nobody said no, so he was talking about hundreds of thousands of deaths in front of a giant mound of oranges.

Tell us all about your quarandreams in the comments below for your chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!