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    People Ranked A Bunch Of Popular Foods From Around The World, And The Results Are Interesting

    Is Lumpiang Shanghai ACTUALLY the best Filipino food?

    Recently, TasteAtlas shared a bunch of polls to find out how popular foods around the world ranked among food fans. This included foods within specific countries as well as general foods like "rice dishes" between different countries.

    Screenshot of the TasteAtlas website which shows a map of Europe with different food dishes illustrated in different countries

    Using a poll system that included a ranking from 1 "I hate it" to 5 "I love it," they were able to collect data from over a hundred thousand votes — excluding any "local/patriotic or fake" votes (which they could figure out with AI).

    And, honestly, I'm curious if you'll agree with these results. Check 'em out...

    1. Dips:

    Graphic showing Tirokafteri ranked best

    2. Rice dishes:

    Graphic showing Tahchin ranked number one

    3. Vegetable Soups:

    Graphic showing Sinigang ranked best

    4. Salads:

    Graphic showing mechouia salad ranked best

    5. Casseroles:

    Graphic showing Pastelón ranked best

    And here are the foods within specific countries...

    6. Turkish food:

    Graphic showing shish kebab ranked best

    7. Portuguese food:

    Graphic showing pastel de nata ranked best

    8. Polish food:

    Graphic show pierogi ruskie ranked best

    9. Mexican food:

    Graphic showing chilaquiles ranked best

    10. Filipino food:

    Graphic showing Lumpiang shanghai ranked best

    11. Indian food:

    Graphic showing rajma chawal ranked best

    12. Bosnian food:

    Graphic showing Japrak ranked best

    13. Hungarian food:

    Graphic showing Toltott Kaposzta ranked best

    14. German food:

    Graphic showing Munchner Schnitzel ranked best

    15. And finally, French cheeses:

    Graphic showing Salers cheese ranked best

    So what do you think? Do you agree with these rankings? Sound off in the comments below!