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    15 Pointlessly Gendered Products That Are Truly Unnecessary

    "A knife that's all hers."

    Recently, we wrote about a thread Twitter user @themouseyouknow started about unnecessarily gendered products.

    We then asked the BuzzFeed audience if they'd ever come across any unnecessarily gendered products themselves. Here are the results:

    1. These body sponges vs. "men's" body sponges:

    2. This "mens" travel bottles set:

    "Doesn't get more pointless than this!!"


    3. This "mini-babe" pocket knife that's "all hers":

    Tara Lee / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    "Saw this in an outdoor store... Excuse me, what?"

    —Tara Lee, Facebook

    4. This "Man Dip":

    "This one had me rolling my eyes when I saw it in the store."


    5. These "mens" teeth whitening strips:

    6. These "man" and "woman" protein shakes that actually contain the same ingredients:

    "My gym has protein powder for men and women. Same ingredients (I looked it up), but the women’s one is more expensive."


    7. This "lady" tool set:

    Janne Romppanen / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    —Janne Romppanen, Facebook

    8. These "men's ultimate" Q-tips:

    Marina McCartney / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    —Marina McCartney, Facebook

    9. These "woman in charge" USB car chargers:

    Carmen Habeck / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    —Carmen Habeck, Facebook

    10. This "for her" anti-chafing balm:

    Amber Vogel / Via

    "When I was at a running expo, I spent way too much time looking for the pink anti-chafing cream to only find out...they are the same thing."

    —Amber Vogel, Facebook

    11. This "manwasher" shower tool.

    12. This "man size" frozen dinner:

    Jasmine Hill / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    "Because having a larger appetite makes you a man, apparently."

    —Jasmine Hill, Facebook

    13. These "lady garden" gloves:

    Kenneth Brakke / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    —Kenneth Brakke, Facebook

    14. This Man Up Your Meals cookbook that contains recipes for "real men":

    Erin Fohr / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    —Erin Fohr, Facebook

    15. And finally, these dryer sheets that are "for men":

    Tori Campellone / Via Facebook: BuzzFeed

    —Tori Campellone, Facebook