19 Gendered Products That I Can't Believe Actually Existed

    "Finally, a Bible just for boys!" —said no one ever.

    Recently, Twitter user @themouseyouknow shared a thread about unnecessarily gendered products.

    In turn, this sparked a response from many other people on Twitter who shared their own images of pointlessly gendered products and the results are both LOL and eye roll–worthy:

    1. Like this "men's mirror."

    2. And this lint roller that's also specifically "for men."

    @themouseyouknow a lint roller. for men obviously

    3. Or these pens "for her."

    @themouseyouknow None of these threads ever bring it up so I must do it BEHOLD THE PEN FOR WOMEN

    4. These "guy" and "her" gift cards:

    @themouseyouknow I'd like to submit exhibit y

    5. These "mansize" tissues.

    6. These "tough guy!" and "little princess!" snacks.

    7. This menu that has a "for her" and "for him" section.

    @themouseyouknow hard to stomach

    8. This Bible that's "finally just for boys!"

    9. And this Bible Stories for Girls book.

    @themouseyouknow HERE, TAKE THIS. They were selling them at my old work

    10. This "girls only" cleaning trolley.

    11. These pickles "for her and him."

    @themouseyouknow Gurken aka pickles für sie und ihn

    12. These "sleep pretty in pink" earplugs.

    @themouseyouknow @kaliasima Ear plugs lol

    13. This "men's" Pocky snack.

    14. And this yogurt "for men, by men."

    15. This "man's can" soft drink.

    16. These "dude wipes."

    @themouseyouknow @DeerJuices You forgot dude wipes

    17. These soups for "glamour queens" and "champions."

    @themouseyouknow @Bella_la_Cat One year ago, a big swiss retailer sold instant soup for boys and girls and wondered why it suddenly got a shitstorm …

    18. This "makeup for men" that's called War Paint.

    19. And finally, these "girl boss" vs. just "boss" mugs.

    Have you ever come across any unnecessarily gendered products? Did you take a pic because you just had to share how ridiculous it was with someone?! Well, now's your chance to share it with the world — post your photo below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!