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23 Photos That Prove Mason Jar Projects Have Gone Too Far

Bow down to your new master: the Ball jar.

1. They're replacing basic kitchen items, like salt shakers.

2. They're making us forget we have actual bakeware...

3. ...and cereal bowls.

4. They're inspiring a whole new subculture of knitwear.

5. They're changing the way we communicate with each other.

6. They're "containing" our Christmas spirit with bedazzled lids and twine.

7. They're now the only acceptable light source for any bar or restaurant...

8. ...and even some homes.

9. They're forcing flowers and candy together into one container of weirdness.

10. They're deflating our sense of accomplishment at graduation.

11. They're making us THINK that we're organized.

12. They're creating a lot of unnecessary, extra work for gift receivers.

13. They're holding our toothbrushes captive on the bathroom walls...

14. ...and taking over our bathrooms entirely.

15. They're inserting themselves into our wedding invitations.

16. They're personifying both the bride and groom.

17. They're invading bridal parties' homes across the country.

18. They're even branding wedding party guests too.

19. They're bastardizing our childhoods with these ice cream sundaes.

20. And destroying our home appliances along the way too.

21. The lids alone are taking cinnamon sticks hostage.

22. And now they're secretly taking over the radio waves.

23. Mason jars have pretty much conquered mankind now, so it's time they move on to their next target: birds.

  1. So, what do you think, do Mason jars need to be stopped?

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    Mmm, moonshine.

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So, what do you think, do Mason jars need to be stopped?
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    Yes! If I never see a Mason jar again, I can die completely happy.
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    No! Mason jars are the best thing since sliced bread. Long live the Mason jar!

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