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23 Photos That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up Short

"How's the air up there? I WOULDN'T KNOW."

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1. When even the kiddie rides were too big for your little legs.

"I got this."

2. When you celebrated the times you actually met the height requirements for rides.

"This is a big moment for me."

3. Whenever you went shopping for pants.

shopping as a short girl is fun 😅😅 #growingupshort #shortgirlproblems

Even if you tailored them it looked weird still.

4. And when it rained this inevitably happened to your pants.

"Wet legs, anyone?"

5. When you played with friends in the shallow end of the pool.

"Marco... who am I kidding? I can't even hear you."

6. When you were faced with your greatest obstacle on the playground.

"I can do this!"

7. When all your souvenir sweatshirts looked more like souvenir dresses.

"It IS a small!"

8. When your friends used your shoulders as an arm rest...


9. ...or even better, your head.

"Seriously. Stop."

10. When you realized you couldn't see the speedometer during driver's ed.

"I already adjusted my seat." 😞

11. And when you rode shotgun it seemed like the visor was never low enough.

"My eyes!"

12. When this seemed to happen all the time in school.

"...and you thought your leg could reach it."

13. When you needed a little boost for a well-framed school photo.

"Let's just step over here, shall we?"

14. When your friends adapted to your hemisphere just to take a cute pic.

"Wait I need to bend down!"

15. And this was definitely you when you walked, well, anywhere.

"Why is she breathing so hard?!"

16. When your parents asked you to grab something out of the pantry.

"Watch your head!"

17. And when you helped them grocery shop too.

"Please don't collapse, please don't collapse!"

18. Whenever it was laundry day, things got extra physical.

"Where'd she go?!"

19. And when your family realized how often you needed a step stool, they got you a custom one.

"Thanks, guys, this is way better than that video game I wanted."

20. When you washed your hands at school this was pretty much your view.

"I guess I look OK?"

21. And when you wanted to reach that hook in your top locker you had to get creative.

"These books ARE useful!"

22. Whenever you took public transportation, comforts were still uncomfortable.

"Just a few more inches..."

23. And finally, this is what happened whenever you sat down... anywhere.

Hanging feet forever. 😒

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