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    Posted on Sep 29, 2015

    17 Instagram Photos Every Short Girl Can Relate To

    Hello stepladder, my old friend.

    1. This absolute classic:

    2. This solution for a full-body bathroom selfie:

    3. This memoir of your oldest and most trustworthy friend:

    4. This amazing photo from your favorite band's show.

    5. This demonstration of how seat belts were not designed with you in mind:

    6. Or sun visors for that matter:

    7. This selfie with a pal that only contains a portion of your face:

    8. This reminder to hosiery makers that not all waists are the same length:

    9. This fitting room selfie with the millionth pair of almost-perfect-fitting jeans.

    10. This proof that even the vertically challenged can go apple picking (with some help):

    11. This not-so-friendly reminder from your taller friends:

    12. And this one from your classmates:

    13. This image that pretty much sums up what life is like with a pantry:

    14. And this genius solution to the problem:

    15. This living nightmare that always seems to happen when you go shopping:

    16. This evidence that you'll always feel like a little kid when sitting in chairs:

    17. And finally, after your long day of struggles, this reminder that even a relaxing bath isn't, well, relaxing:

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