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    17 People Who Clearly Love Their Pets More Than Humans

    "Sometimes I wonder if I spoil the cat, seeing him with his iPad, in his yurt."

    1. This lady and her cat with matching shirts OF EACH OTHER:

    2. This owner who created a ball pit at home for their dog:

    3. This cat parent who knows their priorities:

    4. This person who likes to include the cat in family lessons:

    5. This person who created the world's tiniest sushi restaurant just for their hamster:

    6. This owner who got the perfect scarf for their dog...and the blanket to commemorate it:

    7. This person who just wants the best for their cat:

    8. This owner who has the perfect dinner date...

    9. ...and this one too:

    10. This person who is literally performing toy surgery for their dog:

    11. This owner who took their rabbit to see Santa:

    12. This person who loves happy little trees...and dogs:

    13. This owner who turned a sad situation happy:

    14. This owner who just wants to keep their dog dry:

    15. This person who built an actual bunk bed for their cats:

    16. This lady who just wants to give her dog's legs a break:

    17. And finally, this person who just wants to give the world to their cat: