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    17 Brand New Period Jokes In Case You're Tired Of Laughing At The Old Ones

    "Sneezing on your period and giving birth to a jelly fish."

    1. This accurate representation:

    2. And this perfect description, too:

    3. This very important question:

    4. This mystery:

    5. This ~mood~ we've all experienced at least once:

    6. This annoying truth:

    7. This relatable feeling:

    8. And this one, too:

    9. This perfect solution (to mansplainers):

    10. This moment, when you're like, "How did you know?!":

    11. This huge relief:

    12. This wonderful epiphany:

    13. This self-realization:

    14. This literal truth:

    15. This cold dose of reality:

    Me: *waking up* This will be another beautiful and productive day!! Period cramps:

    16. This VERY good question:

    17. And finally, this LOL-worthy piece of fine art: