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    Thanks For The Blood Drop, But Here Are 9 Other Period Emojis We Need

    Where's my "Unbearable Cramps" emoji, hmm?

    Earlier this week the Unicode Consortium — the folks who decide official emojis — announced that one of the 230 new ones we're getting in 2019 is a "period" emoji. And it's literally just a drop of blood (because, baby steps). Now, while this is cute and a positive step in the right direction, let's get real and talk about some period emojis we REALLY need...

    1. Like the "Blood-Stained Underwear" emoji:

    2. The "Bloated AF" emoji:

    3. The "Bloody Tampon" emoji — in light, medium, and heavy flow options:

    4. The "Unbearable Cramps" emoji:

    5. The "Pad with Wing Stuck to Itself" emoji:

    6. The "Confused Face with Cup" emoji:

    7. The "Blood Leaked through my Jeans" emoji:

    8. The "I Got You Covered" emoji:

    9. And finally, the "Literally How My Cramps Feel" emoji: