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    18 Evil People Who Are Clearly Very Dedicated To Their Craft

    The craft of pranking.

    1. The folks responsible for this dude's living nightmare:

    Instagram: @robertcerrato

    Or dream come true.

    2. This guy's crafty co-workers:

    Instagram: @chiwiyup

    "Hmmm...should I get A2 or A3? OK, both it is."

    3. The meticulous masterminds behind this:

    dominoct / Via

    Actually, this is quite satisfying to look at.

    4. The really hungry peeps behind this mess:

    elsewhere1 / Via


    5. Whoever stretched their talents out for this organized mess:

    6. These employees who have a colorful affection for their boss:

    shock6906 / Via

    Got our eyes on you, sir.

    7. And then the monsters who defiled these donuts:

    Instagram: @corilizbeth

    Still edible.

    8. The folks who risked a sugar coma for this mess:

    Instagram: @steveo413

    Wicked awesome, brah.

    9. The co-workers who just wanted to bring a little of the outdoors in: cheryl_sperling

    :: crunch, crunch, crunch ::

    10. These friends who clearly have an agenda:

    justmynewusername / Via


    11. These cubicle mates who love packing in a good prank before lunch:

    Instagram: @totalryanlynchmove

    Put that in your TPS report.

    12. These office party animals:

    Instagram: @relishmarketing

    Like Chuck E. Cheese's, but for adults...and way less fun.

    13. These box-fort builders:

    Instagram: @faeryqueen21

    Your childhood dreams come true...nah.

    14. The artists responsible for this sticky-note art:

    Instagram: @tehrussi

    It's like a neon 8-bit nightmare!

    15. These kids whose message for "Mummy" really stuck:

    Instagram: @ashlynneelliott

    I'm sure one of those says "love you."

    16. This graduating class who never worked harder on anything in their lives:

    elowemusic / Via

    Except maybe finals.

    17. These tinfoil teamsters:

    Instagram: @aprincessadventures

    "Well, at least my desk will stay warm now."

    18. And finally, these Making a Murderer masterminds: ishbelbees

    "You've been Ken Kratz'd." ::shudder::