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23 People Who Had Absolutely No Idea What They Were Doing In 2015

"So you figure out a safety word and don't tell me...just to be safe."

1. The shelf-stocker who created this masterpiece:

2. This person who wants to play it extra safe:

3. This shopper who's carrying a lot more baggage than they need to:

"Boy, they sure don't make shopping baskets like they used to."

4. This coffee-drinker who's about to get a messy surprise.

Instagram: @yyangalex

Warning: This will definitely burn you.

5. This very casually dressed rainy-day walker:

Instagram: @dreamie09

"So, you have plenty of protection for your feet, but..."

6. These shop owners who have their own definition for "antique":

Instagram: @stanliestmanliest

"This table is 24 hours old — it's basically ancient!"

7. The monster who cut this pizza:

8. The makers of this thing who thought butterflies "hatch" from eggs:

Instagram: @s_sinnes

:: Slowly raises hand to object. ::

9. This happily confused aunt (or uncle) to be:

Twitter: @hailebucks

"Well, you don't actually have to wait..."

10. This flipping bike owner:

Instagram: @dmworking

"I works?"

11. The person who thought they could just make their own license plate:

Instagram: @kari_nay

From the DMV: "Nope."

12. This musician who clearly lost it with their trombone:

13. The person who discounted this item up:

Instagram: @chiarapadilla

The deal is so good, it's worse!

14. Whoever thought this was an OK way to replace the water:

15. This business owner who maybe needs a lingo refresher:

Instagram: @toastyken

"See, now, when someone else takes the photo..."

16. Whoever thought this would be appropriate:

17. Whoever replaced the toilet paper like this:

18. This problem-solver who took things to a new WTF level:

Instagram: @gigalisk

At a loss for words, TBH.

19. This customer who thought it was best to make their own price:

Instagram: @karamaria88

"I think that four should be a zero."

20. Whoever thought this was a good idea:

Instagram: @danielledastis

"If you want salt, you gotta work for it."

21. The makers of this very confused fortune:

Instagram: @rachellie01


22. Whoever the heck is responsible for this:

Instagram: @weightsandweirdos


23. And finally, this poor Babybel newbie:

Instagram: @gwirithyears

"Waxy, yet cheesy!"

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