17 Painful Photos Every Thirtysomething Can Relate To

    Definitely too old for this shit.

    1. Seeing your childhood games in an antique store:

    2. Or worse, an actual museum:

    3. Trying out an advanced level yoga pose:

    4. Being able to nap anytime...

    5. ...and anywhere:

    6. Thinking, "NO! NOT YET!" the first time you see this:

    7. The mission that is finding back pain relief:

    8. Making weekend plans:

    9. Finding a "house" in your price range:

    10. Making one of the most important decisions of your life:

    11. Trying to figure out the latest social media app:

    12. What "going out" ends up looking like:

    13. Questioning the validity of certain baby shower decorations:

    14. In fact, the strangeness of baby showers altogether:

    15. The physical pain of correcting mistakes from your youth:

    16. The reason why you never have time to meet up with friends anymore:

    17. And what you're thinking pretty much all day, every day: