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The 17 Most Extremely Satisfying Things That Can Happen In Your Kitchen

You can actually taste the perfection.

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1. When you peel an apple all in one go.

ssjiaaa / Via


2. Or even an egg for that matter.

Divas Can Cook / Via

Sliding out into first place.

3. When you master the art of the one-handed egg crack.

SAVEUR Magazine / Via

Et voilĂ !

4. When you create the perfect stack of pancakes.

ByronTalbott / Via

The leaning tower of deliciousness.

5. When you spread peanut butter oh-so-perfectly.

Chowhound / Via

Choosy moms...

6. When you perfect the twist and pop of an avocado.

TheDeliciousCook / Via

So ripe. So good.

7. When you learn to wrap a burrito like a pro.

Tuckeria Fresh Mexican Restaurants / Via

Eat your heart out Chipotle.

8. When "slicing" a pizza is like child's play. / Via


9. When you smooth out your icing like nobody's business.

laurapoopie / Via

Perfect edges.

10. When you see your cake rise and the smell fills your kitchen.

penguin7471 / Via


11. When you're able to remove brownies from your pan with nothing left behind.

PerfectHonesty / Via

"No need to cut it, I'll eat it all, thanks."

12. Or when you're able to lift chocolate chip cookies with crazy ease.

Allrecipes / Via

"Off the pan and into my mouth."

13. When you squeeze down on the perfect s'more.

Howcast / Via

Ooey, gooey goodness indeed.

14. When you discover this ingenious way to hull a strawberry.



15. When you invest in a potato ricer that makes life a lot easier.

Williams-Sonoma / Via

Creamy mashed potatoes forever.

16. When you get to twirl your spaghetti like in the movies!

Pastastic! / Via


17. And when you miraculously open a cereal box with no tears.

Q97.9 - WJBQ / Via

"What is this black magic?!"

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