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    17 Works Of Art That Weren’t Meant To Be Funny, But Really Are

    Art hist-erical-ory.

    1. This tragic situation:

    ScottClam / Via

    2. This skeleton who is apparently all of us:

    mattreyu / Via

    3. This visit that got real weird, real fast:

    singh_sahil24 / Via

    4. This hard truth for pet owners:

    MattColeO1 / Via

    5. This awful realization:

    DoctorDolphLundgren / Via

    6. This too real reaction:

    7. This horrible end to an otherwise good night:

    cubesnack / Via

    8. This painfully honest truth:

    9. This perfectly captured moment:

    litstu / Via

    10. This undeniable truth:

    singh_sahil24 / Via

    11. This annoying situation for food lovers:

    hughville / Via

    12. This instantly regrettable moment:

    singh_sahil24 / Via

    13. This image that reminds you of that ONE friend:

    singh_sahil24 / Via

    14. This annoying occurrence:

    15. This evil thought that, admit it, you've had:

    SlapUglyPeople / Via

    16. This classic joke that'll never die:

    17. And finally, ugh..............

    singh_sahil24 / Via

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