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    30 Weird Images That Will Make You Say, "Okay, This Can't Be Real"

    TBH, these are all just really impressive.

    1. Like these colorful rocks you definitely don't want to try and eat.

    2. This gradient shadow that's something of a headache to look at.

    3. These clouds that look otherworldly:

    4. And this cloud that looks like it's "resting" on a branch.

    5. This tree's leaves that make it look blurred.

    6. This tree that's pushing on through.

    7. This tree that's been pushing on through for a millennia.

    8. And this tree that has an incredible will to live.

    9. This flower that's the most perfect thing I've ever seen.

    10. This flower that can't make up its mind.

    11. This shot of a meteor that is weird, wild, and just cool.

    12. This root that you have to see to believe.

    13. This crystal cluster that looks like a bunch of flowers.

    14. This perfectly circular rock that is both satisfying and strange to look at.

    15. This video of a rock that is just as satisfying to look at.

    16. And this rock that looks like it's from an alien planet.

    17. This squared-off section of clouds that looks like a sheet of cotton or something.

    18. This rainbow that came full circle.

    19. This row of tomatoes that belong on a museum wall.

    20. And this gradient pepper, too.

    21. This cracked egg that is...just so strange?!

    22. This egg that is slightly suspicious.

    23. This lemon...or lime? Or something else?

    24. This rock formation that has a perfectly straight crack (or split, or IDK what?!)...

    25. ...and this rock that's been "divided" by a perfect quartz line.

    26. This Frozen-worthy perfect snowflake.

    27. And this actual sheet of snow that looks more like material.

    28. This perfect circle...formed by a bit of dead grass.

    A perfect circle in the sand made from a piece of dead grass.

    29. This shadow that lines up perfectly in the sidewalk's crack.

    30. And finally, the center of this pepper...that's just happy to see you.

    A smiley face on a pepper.