Here Are The Most Popular Rom-Coms In Each State According To People Who Actually Live There

    Does your state love Pretty Woman, Crazy Rich Asians, or something else???

    Whether or not you're into Valentine’s Day, it's probably safe to say that everyone has a favorite rom-com. And now, thanks to the team at Comparitech, we can actually see what everyone's favorite romantic comedy is! Here are the most popular rom-coms in every state:

    1. Alabama: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    2. Alaska: The Proposal

    3. Arizona: Clueless

    4. Arkansas: While You Were Sleeping

    5. California: Clueless

    6. Colorado: Sixteen Candles

    7. Connecticut: Pretty Woman

    8. Delaware: Clueless

    9. District of Columbia: Four Weddings and a Funeral

    10. Florida: Notting Hill

    11. Georgia: 500 Days of Summer

    12. Hawaii: Crazy Rich Asians

    13. Idaho: The Princess Bride

    14. Illinois: Sixteen Candles

    15. Indiana: Jerry Maguire

    16. Iowa: The Philadelphia Story

    17. Kansas: You've Got Mail

    18. Kentucky: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

    19. Louisiana: Amélie

    20. Maine: Bridget Jones's Diary

    21. Maryland: Crazy, Stupid, Love

    22. Massachusetts: Say Anything

    23. Michigan: His Girl Friday

    24. Minnesota: His Girl Friday

    25. Mississippi: Something's Gotta Give

    26. Missouri: Say Anything

    27. Montana: What Women Want

    28. Nebraska: There's Something About Mary

    29. Nevada: Pretty Woman

    30. New Hampshire: The Wedding Singer

    31. New Jersey: Silver Linings Playbook

    32. New Mexico: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    33. New York: When Harry Met Sally

    34. North Carolina: His Girl Friday

    35. North Dakota: Knocked Up

    36. Ohio: The 40-Year-Old Virgin

    37. Oklahoma: 50 First Dates

    38. Oregon: The Princess Bride

    39. Pennsylvania: Silver Linings Playbook

    40. Rhode Island: There's Something About Mary

    41. South Carolina: The Holiday

    42. South Dakota: Hitch

    43. Tennessee: As Good As It Gets

    44. Texas: 50 First Dates

    45. Utah: Groundhog Day

    46. Vermont: Love Actually

    47. Virginia: Roman Holiday

    48. Washington: 10 Things I Hate About You

    49. West Virginia: Pretty in Pink

    50. Wisconsin: Bringing Up Baby

    51. Wyoming: Splash