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    15 More Jokes About Periods That Will Make People Who Have Them Say, "The Accuracy, Though"

    Bloody hell.

    Fact: Periods are terrible. Also fact: People on Twitter are great at making jokes ABOUT periods. It's been a couple months since we rounded up the best of the best, so let's take a look at what the funny people of Twitter have brought us recently. Enjoy...

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    I know it’s almost time for me to get my period when I’m crying watching Godzilla vs King Kong

    Twitter: @dannellamunoz


    I’m truly incapable of doing anything while I have my period as well as the two weeks before I have my period in addition to the two weeks after I have my period

    Twitter: @ladyefron


    me on my period trying to see whether is there really a leak or im just imaging it:

    Twitter: @mikro_kosmos_


    Twitter: @mosthatedshiall


    I survive my period cramps without pain killers are u scared of me now

    Twitter: @bitchmoodx


    hate it when ppl make me laugh on my period like bitch stop u made me ink😭

    Twitter: @uhprome


    We love to forget that our period comes every month dont we. We love to feel all our little emotions and wonder where it’s coming from and say “ohhh of course I have my period” and then do the same exact process about 4 weeks later don’t we

    Twitter: @Brocklesnitch


    @JojoNoelleMA @dontsmileattee “I caught my period” told me all I needed to know 😂 poor sis

    Twitter: @KiarraLe_


    i wish my uterus and i could schedule my period together as a team

    Twitter: @tessplease


    started my period AND am getting my second shot today, basically really looking forward to the next 24 - 48 hours

    Twitter: @katystoll


    Every single time I get my period I am shocked, affronted. Seriously? We’re doing this again?

    Twitter: @NayukaGorrie


    Twitter: @Deeva4dlord


    Can’t tell if these are side effects from the first vax dose or from my period 😭

    Twitter: @MissGinaDarling


    I’ve been vaccinated and my period still came right on time. Hate that for me.

    Twitter: @KimberlyNFoster


    Is the vaccine making anyone else’s period weird

    Twitter: @Rachel_Sennott