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    Attention Disney Fans: An Immersive Mickey Mouse Pop-Up Exhibit Is Coming To NYC

    It's Mickey's 90th Anniversary and, obviously, Disney is going ALL out.

    Are you the kind of person who lives, eats, and breathes all things Disney? Of course you are, because you clicked on this post!


    Well, Disney just announced that they're launching an interactive art exhibit called "Mickey: The True Original Exhibition" in honor of his 90th anniversary.


    The exhibit will have a limited run in New York City from Nov 8, 2018 to Feb 10, 2019 and will be open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 60 10th Avenue, New York.

    Tickets are available for $38 per person at

    The 16,000 square-foot interactive experience will feature original work from renowned and emerging contemporary artists.


    Some of the artists include Kenny Scharf, Amanda Ross-Ho and Shinique Smith.

    The artwork will be inspired by Mickey and his global impact on popular culture and art.


    From his beginning in black and white in Steamboat Willie to the technicolor world of more than 100 cartoon shorts, exhibition guests will step into an unforgettable journey of Mickey moments.

    But what if you can't make it to NYC to celebrate Mickey's 90th?! NOT A PROBLEM. Because Disney is also releasing special 90th Anniversary products, too...

    Disney / Via

    Steamboat Willie stans, anyone?

    ...including this delicious AF-looking Peanut Butter Jamboree ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery which, OMG, also includes Mickey-shaped peanut butter pieces!

    Disney / Via

    Other brands Disney is collaborating with include Sugarfina, Forever 21, and Vans! All the goodies will be available (exclusively) on

    And...AAAAAND...there's all kinds of 90th Anniversary celebrations happening at all the Disney Parks around the world, too!


    Walt Disney World in Florida will have special food and performances throughout the park, Disneyland in California will host a special parade, Shanghai Disney will host "the world's biggest Mouse Party," Hong Kong Disneyland will have a party and commemorate merch and food, and Tokyo Disney will, too! (And that's just the tip of the iceberg!)

    In's going to be a BIG ol' birthday bash for Mickey Mouse!


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