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    17 Memes That Are Way Too Real For Thirtysomethings

    Thanks for the meme-ories.

    1. When you seriously consider giving up on your favorite shows:

    2. When you decide to try out that new bar in town:

    3. When you can't listen to today's music without thinking of the past:

    4. When you question why you even bother trying to catch up on sleep:

    5. When you forget to pregame with some Pepto:

    6. When you realize you should've stuck with Diet Coke:

    7. When you don't know if you should pluck it or not:

    8. When you realize you spend more weekends with rodents than you'd care to admit:

    9. When you're really, really sick of looking at melted chocolate in diapers:

    10. When your friends break the cardinal rule:

    11. When visiting a doctor is the last thing you want to do this week (or ever, really):

    12. When you remember why you prefer to spend more time at home than anywhere else:

    13. When you're willing to make major compromises to get that two-bedroom you've been obsessing over for weeks:

    14. When people younger than you refer to remakes of your childhood films instead of the originals:

    15. When you're out shopping and discover that things you once considered unfashionable are very much back in fashion:

    16. When you hit that wall after lunch, and the sun is hitting you just right too:

    17. And finally, when this tiny miracle happens: