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Jeremy Renner High-Fiving His Daughter At The Oscars Will Make Your Ovaries Explode

Hawkeye think I'm in love.

While everyone collectively lost their shit during THAT moment at the Oscars last night, Jeremy Renner was busy low-key winning the cutest-dad-ever award.

Because before the show even got started, Jeremy did THIS on the red carpet:

Jeremy Renner high-fiving his daughter Ava before walking the #Oscars red carpet!

Yes, that is IRL Hawkeye giving his lovely 3-year-old daughter Ava a HIGH FIVE before he jets off to ~work~ on the red carpet.

And let's just all agree that the award for best supporting role should have gone to Ava and her HAPPY KICKING FEET!!

ABC / Via Twitter: @danesgilmore

Or should I say, best supporting SOLE?

Ava got to have her moment with dad on the red carpet, too...

renner4real / Via

Just LOOK at his caption: "No words to express for this blessed moment in my life #sharedexperience #academyawards #imsolucky #daddydaughter"

...YUP, ded.

renner4real / Via

"My date for the Oscars!! Omg I could not be more proud!!! #oscars #academyawards #redcarpet #daddydaughter #victorywithmyNUMBERONE"

Post-show, it looks like Jeremy joined his fellow stars at the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party without Ava...

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

...but he made it very clear where his heart REALLY was when he posted this photo with the caption, "Oscar after party for 3 yr olds! #jealousdaddy"

renner4real / Via

SAME. ❤️