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    19 Things McDonald's Employees REALLY Hate That Customers Do, And 5 Things They REALLY Love

    "When the customer orders a 'cheeseburger with no cheese' and gets mad when I tell them it's cheaper to ring it in as a hamburger."

    1. McDonald's employees hate when you do rude things like leave garbage EVERYWHERE except, ya know, the garbage:

    "People lost respect for the fellow man."


    2. Seriously, folks...

    "We've had customers leave straight-up pickles on the table and a spilled drink."


    3. ...this is just straight-up rude:

    "I've seen grown-ass people, sometimes even elders, make and leave worse messes than this. I expect it from teens, but when 30-plus-year-old people do this it makes me wanna chase them down and ask them how they got this far in life just to act worse than a snotty teen by leaving messes."


    4. And McDonald's employees hate it when you hand them sweat-covered, drippy money from INSIDE your clothing:

    "Had a customer hand one of my crew money covered in dried blood. It was literally flaking off of the money. They called me over and asked me what to do, and I promptly grabbed some gloves and handed it right back to the customer."


    5. McDonald's employees hate it when you ask for breakfast items after breakfast is done being served:

    "Underrated post."


    6. McDonald's employees hate it when you aggressively show them your drive-thru code after ordering (and not mentioning it earlier):

    "And it be the same people that reply 'no' when asked if they’re using their mobile app."


    "This shit. I asked you on the headset — you said no. Now you come driving up to the damn window and want to use it?"


    7. And McDonald's employees hate it when you shout, "Helloooo?" the second you pull up to the drive-thru:

    8. McDonald's employees hate it when you order no-salt fries:

    "I always end up burning my hand making no salts."


    9. And McDonald's employees ESPECIALLY hate it when you order no-salt fries, but then proceed to ask for salt packets at the window:

    "It's because they saw a video on Facebook saying this is a hack to get fresh fries at McDonald's, and it never even crossed their mind that if they just ask for fresh fries they'll get fresh fries."


    10. McDonald's employees hate it when you throw the food back at them/the building:

    "'I didn't want cheese!' YEET!!"


    11. McDonald's employees hate it when you ask for a small meal (because those don't exist, not in the US anyway):

    "In the US we only have Medium and Large sizes for meals."


    12. McDonald's employees hate it when you get mad at them just for trying to help out:

    "What do the customers think — we have whole cheeseburgers wrapped up sitting in the cabinet?"


    13. McDonald's employees hate it when you make EXTREME (and/or large) orders:

    "Since I'm the batch cooker for nuggets, I would quit right on spot if I have to do that inane amount of nuggets. 🥴🥴😂😂"


    14. McDonald's employees hate it when you pay for the smallest item with a large bill JUST so you can break it:

    why from McLounge

    "A lot of fast-food places just don't accept hundreds. People will frequent McDonald's just to break larger bills, which honestly makes it easier to count but also runs a higher risk of fraud if the bill isn't checked correctly."


    15. And McDonald's employees hate it when you dump a bunch of random coins on the counter and then leave:

    "My biggest pet peeve is when they dump a bunch of coins to you, then immediately drive off to the second window without letting you count it first."


    16. McDonald's employees hate it when you make a nonsensical request:

    “Sir, do you mean an M&M McFlurry?” “NO, I KNOW WHAT I ASKED FOR!”


    17. McDonald's employees hate it when you only laugh at their expense:

    "I stuttered once when greeting a group of teens over the drive-thru intercom. Took them a whole two minutes to shut the fuck up and order the one McFlurry they came for."


    18. McDonald's employees hate it when you eat in the restaurant bathroom:

    "Eating in a public bathroom during a pandemic 🤮."


    19. And McDonald's employees hate it when you take up time in line unnecessarily:

    "I 10,000% feel this. Except if it's my regulars — I love my regulars."



    20. McDonald's employees love seeing nice, respectful, longtime regulars:

    "Old people just different. They can really cheer you up during a rough day."


    21. And McDonald's employees love when their customers are super wholesome:

    "That's adorable!"


    22. And McDonald's employees also love when their customers bring them thoughtful gifts:

    "Nearly 3 feet!"


    23. McDonald's employees love being appreciated for their creativity:

    "I live in France, and in some specific McDonald's you can sign in with your Fidelity account before ordering so they have your name."

    dehray- (OP)

    24. And finally, McDonald's employees love it when you keep your order simple:

    "As someone who does both kitchen and drive-thru, this is 100% true, LOL."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity:

    H/T: r/McLounge