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    23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About How Marvel Designs Its Superheroes

    The artists will usually create anywhere from five to ten versions of a character before getting approval on even the FIRST design.

    Marvel films! You love them, I love them, we all love them, right? And while I'm sure you all have your personal favorites (*ahem* Killmonger), you're probably curious about what it takes to get these iconic characters from the comic book page to the silver screen.

    So, BuzzFeed sat down with Marvel Studios' Visual Development team to learn a little more about our favorite characters.

    1. Marvel's Visual Development team is responsible for all the main heroes and villains in the films — and that can include costumes, suit/armor design, and character designs.

    2. The team actually gets scans of the actors to know what proportions they're working with when designing the costumes.

    3. And they also have a very unique way of working with costume designers on the films.

    4. There will usually be a lot of adjustments with the costumes along the way, too.

    5. A lot of times, when the team starts designing costumes/character looks, there are no actors even cast yet.

    6. The superhero costumes definitely evolve – for example, Black Panther's suit in Captain America: Civil War had a more "layered" look vs the Black Panther suit which had more of a "singular skin" look.

    7. And you can see the iconic Black Panther mask changed from Civil War to Black Panther, too.

    8. The first designers for Marvel Studios were Adi Granov, Phil Saunders, and Ryan Meinerding.

    9. And everyone on the Visual Development team is a "comic book geek."

    10. There are often "code names" for the Marvel films.

    11. There are so many Marvel films going on at anytime that Meinerding and Park split responsibilities when it comes to leading films.

    12. As a project lead, sometimes things get so busy that Park said he will have his hands on as many as five films in a day.

    13. Meanwhile, all of the artists will be creating designs for one or two projects at any given time, too.

    14. And the artists will usually create anywhere from five to ten versions of a character before getting approval on even the FIRST design.

    15. Although there's only a handful of artists in Marvel's Visual Development team, there are always many other freelance artists who work on the projects, too.

    16. When each team member came to Marvel they had specialized skill sets as artists, but over the years they've learned to do other things.

    17. The artists often times find inspiration from real life, too, not just the comics.

    18. But it's not just about character design, either. Sometimes it's about capturing a ~mood~ for a scene.

    19. Occasionally, artists come up with ideas during the development phase that weren't even in the script and the director will love it so much, they add it to the film.

    20. You may think some character details are just "cool" looking, but they usually have a deeper meaning.

    21. And the same goes for costumes that may not seem as ~ornate~ as others — like armor.

    22. The team really thinks about the lineage of the designs and looks of the characters.

    23. And finally, they want fans to know that they're never trying to change iconic characters' looks.

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