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    "Mare Of Easttown" Is Almost Over, And People Are Losing It Over What's Happening

    Was anyone else trying to see through the back of the pic...

    In case you missed it, the penultimate episode of Mare of Easttown aired on HBO last night. And while the BIG mystery of the season — who killed Erin?!?! — was probably revealed (I say "probably" because there are still like 10,000 questions that need to be answered, and tbh the show may still pull a big twist on us in the final episode), people had a lot of thoughts. Here's a look at some of the best, funniest, and most OMG reactions from Twitter:

    John Douglas Thompson, Kate Winslet in character as police officers in Mare of Easttown


    Me getting ready to watch #MareOfEasttown every week

    Twitter: @beckymck37


    Was anyone else trying to see through the back of the pic? #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @MsSAG2u


    #MareOfEasttown It’s just a show. I’m not gonna overthink it. My new lock screen:

    Twitter: @ry3889
    screenshot from the show of the lieutenant looking at a photo closely


    Me until next Sunday #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @ToneeWay


    That fucking bath shit? Unnecessary. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @lebronscardigan


    Remember Billy’s outburst about John needing to be held accountable for his actions when he was moving into their dad’s house... #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @BelleofBabble


    “We have to keep this from Mare” Lor 2 secs after Mare walks in: #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @sadhairday


    Jess’s mom every time she comes to her with ANOTHER secret about Erin. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @BelleofBabble


    I dont trust John. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @moonriver713


    Nah... something ain't right here... I'm not buying that he was the only one involved... #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @mariamelin


    Was it actually John? This show has me spinning in circles!! #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @Kmm24601


    Mare going out to arrest a suspect with no backup like she didn’t just lose a partner last week? #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @d5a6n7i8f


    #MareofEasttown Papa Ross just trying to enjoy his retirement years in peace. His two messy grown ass sons:

    Twitter: @ry3889


    Answer your damn phone Mare!! #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @zdzyloak


    How many more plot twists can this show have?!?! #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @Miss_MEW_


    Much needed comic relief in #MareOfEasttown 😂

    Twitter: @zeddzeddeh


    I am kindly asking for a detective zabel prequel series #mareofeasttown

    Twitter: @francescaaahhhh


    I'm dressing as Mare for Halloween. ✅A sloppy ponytail ✅Rolling Rock in one hand ✅Wawa hoagie in the other ✅ vape in my jacket pocket. ✅ a cast ✅ a limp #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @_rockN_rolla


    I refuse to accept that #MareOfEasttown only has 1 ep left. I need more Kate Winslet & Jean Smart in my life. I’m sure there’s plenty of other messed up people in that town to warrant a season 2.

    Twitter: @MovieManiac89

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