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    Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner Just Shared A Low-Key Reminder Of Their Perfect Friendship

    "Happy 7th August."

    If you're any kind of Game of Thrones fan then you know that Sansa and Arya Stark weren't always the ~closest~ sisters on Game of Thrones.


    Ah, simpler times.

    However, you probably also know that their IRL counterparts, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, have most definitely been BFFs for a very long time.

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    Or maybe you don't this, in which case — SURPRISE!

    In fact, they're such good friends that they both got matching tattoos with the date "07.08.09" on their arms last year...

    That’s Aug. 7, 2009, for non-Brits.

    ...which Sophie Turner later explained to E! News, "That's the date that we both heard that we got Game of Thrones on."

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    All together now: Awwwwwwww.

    Well, today is the anniversary of that infamous date and, in pure BFF fashion, both Maisie and Sophie had adorable messages to share with each other and it will make you say, "OK, that is effing adorable."

    And how FITTING is this celebration considering, you know, what happened in last night's episode, "The Spoils of War" (mild spoiler alert for anyone not caught up) — THAT BEAUTIFUL STARK SISTERS REUNION.


    Wow, OK, BYE...gotta go cry somewhere in private for a while.

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