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Jan 27, 2020

This Universal Studios Lunar New Year Quiz Will Reveal Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is Your Soulmate

Do you belong with the sensitive rabbit or witty rat?

  1. Which character are you doing a meet and greet with first?

  2. What message will you leave hanging on the enchanted Wishing Tree?

  3. You're kinda hungry now. What appetizer are you getting from Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop?

  4. And which noodle bowl will you try?

  5. Time to do an activity; will you...

  6. Choose a souvenir pin to take home:

  7. And finally, where are you taking your Insta pic?


Want to enjoy Lunar New Year at Universal Studios in real life? Well, you can! Take a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood now through Feb. 9 to experience the fun.

DreamWorks Aniation

More information and tickets are available at

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