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    This Is What The Original "Lost" Cast Looks Like Now Vs. In Season 1


    1. Matthew Fox as Jack:

    ABC, Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty

    What they're up to now: Since Lost, Fox has mostly kept a low profile, flying planes and only acting in a handful of films including World War Z and most recently Bone Tomahawk.

    2. Evangeline Lilly as Kate:

    ABC, David Livingston / Getty

    What they're up to now: Lilly has starred in a number of big-budget films since her Lost days like The Hobbit and, of course, the Ant-Man movies.

    3. Jorge Garcia as Hurley:

    ABC, pronouncedhorhay / Via

    What they're up to now: Garcia has continued to find career success in Hawaii, having a regular role on Hawaii Five-O and also guest-starring in all kinds of shows like BoJack Horseman and How I met Your Mother.

    4. Josh Holloway as Sawyer:

    ABC, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

    What they're up to now: Holloway's current gig is as leading man Will Bowman on the TV show Colony, and some of you will also remember his short-lived show Intelligence from just a few years ago.

    5. Naveen Andrews as Sayid:

    ABC, Vivien Killilea / Getty

    What they're up to now: Andrews has had a bunch of major roles in a number of shows since Lost including his role as Jafar on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and as Jonas Maliki on Sense8.

    6. Yunjin Kim as Sun:

    ABC, Pascal Le Segretain / Getty

    What they're up to now: Kim, of course, starred on ABC's Mistresses for several years after Lost. Most recently, however, she's been starring in the Korean TV series Ms. Ma, Nemesis as the title character.

    7. Daniel Dae Kim as Jin:

    ABC, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

    What they're up to now: Kim has been in a ton of shows and movies since Lost —including playing Chin Ho Kelly for seven seasons on Hawaii Five-O — but you can also look forward to seeing him in next year's Hellboy!

    8. Emilie de Ravin as Claire:

    ABC, Randy Shropshire / Getty

    What they're up to now: After Lost, De Ravin had a long-standing role as Belle in the popular ABC series Once Upon a Time. And she's even acted in a couple movies in between too!

    9. Dominic Monaghan as Charlie:

    ABC, John Phillips / Getty

    What they're up to now: Monaghan has been busy with a lot of (mostly foreign) shows since Lost like 100 Code and Bite Club, but he'll be back on the big screen for Star Wars: Episode IX next year — NBD!

    10. Harold Perrineau as Michael:


    What they're up to now: Perrineau has been busy with shows like Criminal Minds and Claws, but you can see him later this year in the upcoming film Dumplin' (based on the popular YA novel of the same name) on Netflix!

    11. Malcolm David Kelley as Walt:

    ABC, Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty

    What they're up to now: Since his early appearances in Lost Kelley has been in shows like Saving Grace, Detroit, and Insecure.

    12. Maggie Grace as Shannon:

    ABC, Jerod Harris / Getty

    What they're up to now: Grace co-starred in the Taken franchise both during and after the run of Lost. Currently, she plays Althea on Fear the Walking Dead.

    13. Ian Somerhalder as Boone:

    ABC, Jonathan Moore / Getty

    What they're up to now: After his time on Lost, Somerhalder starred on the very popular series The Vampire Diaries, and he has a new upcoming Netflix series called V-Wars coming out next year.

    14. And finally, Terry O'Quinn as Locke:

    ABC, Matthias Nareyek / Getty

    What they're up to now: O'Quinn has been super busy since Lost having major roles on a number of TV shows including 666 Park Avenue, Falling Skies, Hawaii Five-O, Castle Rock, and Patriot to name a few.

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