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    21 Little Things That Make All Women Proud

    It's the little things in life!

    1. Not missing that ONE patch of hair on the side of your ankle while shaving.

    Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    2. Hovering over a public toilet to pee and not ~missing~ at all.

    3. Having a tampon handy when someone else on their period suddenly needs one.

    4. Cleaning out all the hair from your hairbrush.

    OneCrazyHouse / Via

    5. Successfully untangling jewelry and necklaces.


    6. Finally digging out that one ingrown hair on your bikini line that's been driving you nuts for hours.

    Pimple Popping / Via

    7. Wearing a bathing suit and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks about it.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    8. Same as above, but with all clothing.

    9. Nailing a winged liner look in one fell swoop.

    Dulce Candy / Via

    10. Making your manicure last more than three days.

    Andrea Hickey

    11. Making it out of Sephora without spending a dime.

    Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

    12. Trying on clothes without getting deodorant on them.

    Warner Bros.

    13. Letting another woman know there’s lipstick on her teeth.

    elilba / Via

    14. Getting out of a car in a short dress without flashing the world.

    Reg Burkett / Getty Images

    15. Applying lipstick in an Uber without fucking it up.

    Cartoon Network

    16. Successfully untangling several bras.

    katgjoseph / Via

    17. Eating a burger/sandwich without getting lipstick everywhere.

    Young Money / Cash Money / Republic

    18. Not killing a plant after one week.

    19. Walking over a grate in heels and not getting stuck.

    20. Remembering to avoid throwing your bras in the dryer so they don’t get all weird.


    21. And finally, being on your period but not getting blood stains in your underwear the entire week.

    Anna Borges / BuzzFeed