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    17 Times Being A Girl With An Older Brother Was The Greatest Challenge In The World

    RIP all my hair that was lost while being yanked out of a ponytail.

    1. Hair-pulling. Every time. All the time.

    lexameng / Via

    This actually hurt, and also...WTF?!

    2. Having your Barbies stolen, destroyed, and used in some elaborate ~battle~...

    thinkibee / Via

    On a mission with G.I. Joe.

    3. ...and having other toys become part of strange experiments.

    kb91810 / Via

    Introducing: The Amazing Anna and Incredible Elsa, everyone!

    4. Finding your favorite dolls in places you definitely did not leave them...

    matchesmalone47 / Via


    5. ...and ruined in general.

    6. Never getting a chance to watch the shows YOU wanted to after school.

    kimnelx / Via

    I know more about Star Trek than I care too, TBH.

    7. Having to act as your brother's personal assistant.

    8. Getting this ~wonderful~ surprise when you went to pee in the middle of the night.

    Twitter: @mee_mee_5

    Close the damn lid, please!

    9. Being the victim of this annoying AF older-brother tactic on a daily basis.

    brandy.ryleigh / Via


    10. And always having to rely on your parents to stop a fight.

    11. Secretly crushing on your brother's friends, but embarrassing yourself every time they came over.

    Twitter: @krishithink

    ::Locks self in room forever::

    12. And then finding out YOUR friends are crushing on your brother.

    Twitter: @_alizejac07

    ::vomits forever::

    13. Hovering for what felt like FOREVER because your bro prolonged his "turn" while playing games.

    tvd84 / Via

    "Just another minute..."

    14. Then struggling to get your brother to play the games you ACTUALLY wanted to.

    buster.skeeziks / Via

    "But I can't play The Game of Life BY MYSELF!!!"

    15. Being sat, and farted, on, like...A LOT.

    Double rude.

    16. Not being able to enjoy a meal a second time.

    Twitter: @emily_davis14

    Yeah, no, that's okay, I didn't want the rest of my fries anyway...

    17. And finally, always having to be the "lab rat" whenever your brother learned a new ~trick~. / Via

    "Wanna play 52-card pickup?!" SIIIIIIIGH.

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