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The Little Girl From "Titanic" Is All Grown Up And Still Crazy Adorable

I believe that the cute does go on.

Remember in Titanic when Rose (Kate Winslet) decides to ~slum it~ in steerage with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) for a night of dancing, boozing, and steamy car sex?

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Well, before Rose and Jack dashed off to ruin the upholstery of a Model T, they had a good ol' time partying it up with all of Jack's friends, including one VERY ADORABLE little girl named Cora.

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That face!!!

And not only did she get to dance with Leo, I mean, Jack...

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...but he also called her his "best girl," which is the exact moment everyone in the audience thought, I am now dead.

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Rose is like, "Pardon me?!"

But that was 20 years ago, and now IRL Cora, Alex Owens-Sarno (who was just 8 years old when they filmed Titanic), is all grown up and as adorable now as she was then.

Alex Owens-Sarno / Via

And also has perfect eyebrows.

Here's a side-by-side for funsies.

Paramount Pictures / Alex Owns-Sarno / Via


And Alex has nothing but fond memories of making Titanic.

She told BuzzFeed, "My mom has an amazing picture of me, Leo, Kate, and my little sister Rachel hanging out when they were resetting for the dancing scene. It's one of my favorites and is a reminder of just how lucky I am to have worked with two of the best actors out there."

Alex Owens-Sarno / Via

"Leonardo DiCaprio was an absolute doll. He was so fun and charming. He loved to put a smile on everyone's face. [I'd often] be on his lap with a PB&J in between takes."

In fact, there's even a deleted scene where Jack sketches with Cora.

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Alex explained, "James Cameron had done all of Jack's sketches [for the movie], and they had the sketch Jack does of Cora signed by Leonardo DiCaprio for me. Unfortunately, it got stolen out of someone's trailer. That would have been the most amazing keepsake!"

These days Alex dedicates herself to studying acting, and she recently earned her degree in writing from California State University, Long Beach.

Alex Owens-Sarno / Via

"I've been writing sketch comedy that I'll start producing very soon, and I'm also in the process of writing a novel."

No doubt, Jack would be very proud of his best girl.

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