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    The Lisa Frank Flat Will Make Every '90s Girl's Dreams Come True And You Can Actually Stay There

    Your childhood self would be very, very jealous.

    If you were a child of the late '80s or early '90s then I don't need to explain to you the beauty and awesomeness that is Lisa Frank.

    And if you were one of the millions of kids who fell in love with her iconic style, then I have amazing news for you: has teamed up with Lisa Frank to create a totally awesome '90s Lisa Frank Flat located in downtown Los Angeles. And YES, you can actually stay there and live out the childhood dream you didn't know you had!

    First of all, when you enter you'll be greeted by a massive rainbow-tinted window lighting up the lounge area that features some of Lisa Frank's most iconic characters.

    Next to the lounge is an office area stocked with all the Lisa Frank stationary you could ever want...TRAPPER KEEPERS INCLUDED!

    Hungry? There's a kitchen stocked rainbow-colored cutlery, '90s treats, and even a cabinet dedicated to Lisa Frank stuffed animals.

    You can freshen up inside the bathroom that's decorated floor to ceiling with Lisa Frank's iconic dolphins — EVEN THE TOILET ROLL HOLDER, LOL!

    And once you're tired from all the fun you can fall into the coziest-looking bed topped with a dream-worthy light-up canopy that I would've killed for when I was 10.

    Be on the lookout for some amazing '90s touches, too.

    Booking officially opens on Oct. 11, and stays are available from Oct. 11 through 27 exclusively on