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    This "Westworld" Season 2, Episode 3, "Virtu É Fortuna" Clue Is Pretty Big, But What Does It Mean?

    Welcome to Rajworld.

    Welcome to Westworld fans, let's talk about Season 2, Episode 3, "Virtù E Fortuna."


    Although, fair warning, if you want to go into this episode better leave and bookmark this for later!

    Now, for the rest of you, let's talk about WTF just happened!


    Well, tonight we finally got to see Park 6 — aka Rajworld** — and we also learned how one of its tigers managed to wash up on the shores of Westworld.


    **If you visit this Delos Destinations website, you'll see Park 6 is techincally called, "The Raj."

    We also caught up with Dolores's father, Peter Abernathy. And, VERY INTERESTINGLY, when Bernard finally unlocked the encrypted file he was carrying we saw THIS symbol:

    BuzzFeed / HBO

    If you paid close attention, this was the same symbol that showed up in Grace's (the woman in Rajworld) journal...

    BuzzFeed / HBO ALSO showed up on the computer monitor when Charlotte was trying to get herself extracted in the Season 2 premiere. (Albeit with a number "14" in the middle. HMMM.)

    BuzzFeed / HBO

    Is it perhaps the symbol/logo of another, rival, company that Charlotte is working for?

    But, what does it ALLLLL MEAN?! What theories do you have so far? Tell me what you think below and what else you noticed in tonight's episode!

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