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    Updated on Jul 27, 2019. Posted on Jul 26, 2019

    17 Super Lazy Girl Tweets That Are Both Hilarious And, Frankly, Aspirational

    "Facetiming my brother to see what's in the fridge has to be the laziest thing I've ever done."

    1. When you're just being really honest:

    2. When coming home is actually stressful:

    i’m so lazy that i’ve been sitting in my car for an hour avoiding going inside because then i have to make myself food and that sounds like too much of a process

    3. When you have lofty dreams:

    There should be a special belt that holds your hot water bottle to your tummy so u can walk around freely just thinking aloud here investors

    4. When technology turns out to be the best:

    Face timing my brother to see what's in the fridge has to be the laziest thing I've ever done

    5. And when technology doesn't gel well with your laziness:

    Autocorrect on my phone has made me so lazy. I type “hrkkp” and get pissed off that it doesn’t get changed to “hello”

    6. When you know how to multitask:

    I’m no parenting expert, but one thing I can tell you is to only feed your kids rice on the day you plan to vacuum.

    7. When you question why you have no energy:

    Quiz: is everything terrible or am I just tired

    8. When the tiniest amount of effort feels like A LOT:

    me going to the gym two days in a row: wow can't believe i'm the fittest person alive

    9. And when you know you're not the ONLY one:

    I know a kindred spirit when I see one (someone sitting completely still on a weight machine and sincerely watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the gym tv)

    10. When helping yourself is not even helpful:

    Me: *reads all the self-help books* Also Me: *never helps myself*

    11. When you honestly just can't remember things sometimes:

    "Did I put deodorant on?" - Me six times a day

    12. When everyday things are just so overwhelming:

    Can you die from having too many passwords to remember

    13. When you're not even that bothered by a little mess:

    I didn't mean to like your selfie I was just trying to get dried salsa off my phone.

    14. When you FINALLY get around to doing that one thing you meant to do years ago:

    Just finished an article link I bookmarked in 2005, and uh yeah, I have some questions

    15. When leaving your bed just isn't an option:

    When ur too lazy to get up from bed and turn off the lights

    16. When cleaning the house is, like, your last priority:

    On HGTV they can flip a house in a month and I've been "getting ready to dust" for the past two weeks.

    17. And finally, when you're so lazy you actually get into accidents while simply lying down:

    Punched myself in the face while pulling up my covers if you were looking for a goddess in the bedroom

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