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31 Bizarre Things About LA That Will Make Everyone Else Say "WTF?"

You can quite literally have your car valet parked while going to IHOP.

1. Apartments in LA RARELY come with refrigerators.

2. You can't go anywhere without spending five minutes discussing how to get just happens.

3. You can quite literally have your car valet parked while going to IHOP.

4. People always recommend using West Side Rentals to find an apartment...

5. ...which no one really ever does – they just share passwords or use Craigslist.

6. LA feels "sprawling" for a reason — it's huge! It's 4,084 square miles. For comparison, New York City is 304.8 square miles.

7. You actually hear people say, "Eh, it's not even a 3.0" when an earthquake happens.

8. And earthquakes happen even more frequently than most Angelenos even realize — like, there were literally 78 (small) earthquakes just this past week alone in SoCal.

9. People in LA call the entertainment business "the industry."

10. And literally every Uber driver you have is trying to be a part of that industry.

Everyone: 2016 could not possibly get worse Me: *dies in a car crash while my Uber driver is literally DJing*

11. There's actually a difference between Los Angeles CITY and Los Angeles COUNTY (people often get this confused).

12. And places like Burbank, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica (and more!) are NOT a part of Los Angeles CITY... Like, they literally have their own police departments.

13. And LA's hottest time of year actually begins in September and goes through October. So much for pumpkin season, w/e.

14. It's pretty common for blackouts to happen in September and October because the heat can cause circuit breakers to literally catch on fire.

15. We refer to our freeways with a "the" in're not driving on 405. You're driving on THE 405.

16. And traffic is such a part of LA that we almost feel uneasy if there *isn't* a long line of red lights ahead of us.

17. Oh, and yes, traffic becomes a shitshow if it even so much as sprinkles.

18. While people in other cities might worry about rats or whatever, we're out here hiking near actual MOUNTAIN LIONS.

19. Oh, and instead of mice going through our trash, we have to be wary of coyotes.

20. There's an atlas called the Thomas Guide that every Angeleno had in their car prior to the advent of Google Maps.

21. (A few) trees actually do change color in LA...but usually not until winter.

22. And sometimes they change colors because LA just...catches fire a lot.

23. You can literally see an In-N-Out when your plane lands on the tarmac at LAX.

24. You can't go to a grocery store without seeing at least one or two pets in there too.

25. The average parking ticket costs $68.

26. If you *haven't* gotten a parking ticket, you probably don't live in LA.

27. And you don't *really* live in LA until you watch a car chase on TV. There's one on about every other day, tbh.

28. There are an endless number of hand car washes. Yes, hand.

29. The LA coroner's office has a gift shop called Skeletons in the Closet.

30. Oh, and that big, famous Getty Museum? It regularly hires goats to help maintain the land by eating the brush in the surrounding hills.

31. And you can actually have brunch inside the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre. If you want.