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    Paris Hilton's Aunt Was In "Halloween" And I Feel Stupid For Not Realizing This Until Now

    Kyle Richards, lil' horror icon.

    Kyle Richards is probably best known (these days) as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and also as Paris Hilton's aunt.


    Kyle Richards is Kathy Hilton's half-sister and also a former child actor, for the record.

    So, you can imagine my surprise when re-watching the iconic horror film Halloween the other day ('tis the season, ya know?!) and seeing her name pop up in the opening credits!

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    In my defense, the original Halloween came out in 1978 when Kyle was 9 years old,'s not SUPER obvious, ya know?

    Anyway, it turns out Kyle played Lindsey Wallace — aka the little girl Jamie Lee Curtis ends up babysitting.

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    Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is supposed to just be babysitting a kid named Tommy, while her friend Annie babysits Lindsey (Kyle Richards). But Annie dumps Lindsey off on Laurie so she can go hookup with her BF instead. And then horror ensues!

    For funsies, here's what Kyle Richards looked like back then vs. now.

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    That LOOK is sharper than Michael Myers' kitchen knife!

    And, IMO, this is all a pretty big deal because 1) Kyle has so much screen time with living legend Jamie Lee Curtis and 2) she was a pretty solid child actor!

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    Can you imagine being like, "Yeah, yeah, I was JLC's co-star for her feature film debut." NBD.

    Here they are trying to escape from Michael Myers!

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    Run, Kyle, Ruuuunnn!

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    Scarier than a RHOBH confrontation, right? Or, IDK, maybe not.

    Sadly, Kyle will not be reprising her role in the Halloween sequel film that comes out this weekend, although she "would've loved to have been."

    TBH, I would've ALSO loved to have seen Lindsey appear in the new version of Halloween, but whatever, I'll still get my fix with a badass Laurie Strode!


    And if you already knew this info about Kyle Richards, congratulations you're 100% more observant than me, so here's a virtual pat on the back.

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