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21 Unintentionally Hilarious Knock-Off Halloween Costumes That Are Just MAYBE Better Than The Real Thing

"Hermany Grinder: Top Student at Chogborts!"

Last night, Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dana Schwartz asked Twitter to share their favorite knock-off Halloween costumes. And, well, the results she got are so damn funnnnny.

Show me your favorite knock-off Halloween costume. Right now, I'm team "Notionless" because the designer wanted to get to lunch and hit the thesaurus

1. Like this "Hermany Grinder" costume:

2. This "Cyber Man" or "Padre" costume:

3. This "Video Game Guy" costume:

4. This "Where's the Stripey Dude?" costume:

5. This "Juice Demon" costume:

6. This "Ladies Sexy Factory Worker" costume:

7. This "Creepy Husband" costume:

8. This "Hungry Rebel Girl" costume:

9. This "Mischievous Worker" costume:

10. This "Blue Speed Mouse" costume:

11. This "Supportive Burger Wife" costume:

12. This "A-Lad-In A Costume" costume:

13. This "Dangerous Girl" costume:

14. This "Kansas Beauty" costume:

15. This "'80s Purple Musician" costume:

16. This "Pubescent Frog of Silent War" costume:

17. This "Anonymous Star" costume:

18. This "Heroic Maria" costume:

19. This "Minegame" costume:

20. This "Biscuit Beast" costume:

21. And finally, this "Unusual Events" costume: