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    19 People Who Are So Much Smarter In The Kitchen Than Me, It's Embarrassing

    It's time to level up your kitchen before the year is up.

    1. Like this genius who's figured out the best way to store bananas:

    2. This smarty who clearly has experience making cake last:

    3. This clever (and, lol, slightly tipsy) lady who has the best egg-peeling hack I've ever seen:

    4. This intelligent homeowner who found a smart alternative use for coasters.

    5. This super-smart person who shared the greatest ice cream–saving hack of all time:

    6. And this clever guy who shared the best way to slice a pepper:

    7. This absolute genius who shared a hot tip for making pasta/mac 'n' cheese:

    8. This brilliant person who just wants us all to have solid snack bars:

    9. This ingenious smarty who reused a milk container for the greater good:

    10. And this smarty who reused a newspaper in the simplest but most helpful way possible:

    11. This inventive cook who showed us how to hack a pan for a smaller portion:

    12. And this person who did a similar thing for dessert:

    13. This person who had the wisdom to use a magnet clip to secure a dish towel:

    14. This very smart person who figured out a second use for a simple kitchen tool:

    15. This clever person who used an office accessory as a chip-bag saver:

    16. This imaginative homeowner who hacked a peg board in a cool way:

    17. This super smarty who used a fork to get the optimal dunk:

    18. This brilliant cook who used some simple plastic wrap to make a major save:

    19. And finally, this absolute genius who totally hacked the wing-making game in the best way possible:

    *Just be sure to soak your skewer sticks first!

    H/T: r/lifehacks.