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    Kaley Cuoco Just Rescued A Special Needs Dwarf Mini Horse And, Yup, It’s Adorable


    Guys, Kaley Cuoco just adopted a dwarf mini horse named...wait for it...Shmooshy (OMG!!) and is now living the damn dream.

    lifewithshmooshy / Via

    Also, LOL at that llama in the background who's like, "Where's MY kiss?!"

    And she just shared the CUTEST photo of herself and Shmooshy with matching hair.

    lifewithshmooshy / Via

    The caption reads: "Hi! My name is Shmooshy! I'm a dwarf mini who's been rescued and living @mylittlepeepers foundation. 🎀 A few days ago this crazy girl @normancook walked in with my same hairstyle and we became instant soul mates. She adopted me and now I am heading to LA to start my new life! Wahooo!!!!! Oh they call me Shmoosh cause my nose is all shmooshed."

    Kaley adopted Shmooshy from The Peeps Foundation, a non-protfit organization dedicated to rescuing dwarf minis with special needs.

    lifewithshmooshy / Via


    And it looks like they've become inseparable since.

    lifewithshmooshy / Via

    "This blonde keeps taking selfies with me. I guess it's a good way to show off my perfect underbite 👅."

    And with an adorable face like this, who can blame her?!

    lifewithshmooshy / Via



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