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    21 Period Jokes That Will Make Anyone Who Bleeds Laugh Until It Hurts

    "When you fart on your period and it bubbles: A story by me."

    1. When the pain is so bad it feels like it lasts forever:

    2. When your period seems to have a white pants radar:

    3. When the Sims perfectly summed it up:

    4. When you discover this ridiculousness:

    5. When all you want to do it lie there:

    6. When...yeah:

    7. When a random photo feels way too relatable:

    8. When you have a moment of non-clarity:

    I hooked up with this boy Saturday and was bleeding after and shrugged it off but 2 days later it hadn’t stopped and my first thought was “did this boy literally rearrange my guts” and not “did I get my period”

    9. When your period inspires a vivid imagination:

    10. When someone totally misses the plot:

    11. When you never fail to think this, even though you're a grown-ass adult:

    12. When your period turns the dial up to 11:

    13. When you wonder if your period is pure evil:

    14. Seriously:

    15. When it feels like you have ~Spidey sense~:

    16. When your period decides to spite you:

    17. When people need to just chill and mind their own business:

    18. When TV makes you question everything:

    19. When you make this major achievement:

    20. And finally, when you realize there's at least one benefit to getting periods...

    21. ...or two?