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31 Period Jokes That Are Just Really Fucking Funny

"My favorite mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials."

1. When the pain is so bad it feels like it lasts forever:

2. When the Sims perfectly summed it up:

3. When you discover this ridiculousness:

4. When...yeah:

5. When a random photo feels way too relatable:

6. When your period inspires a vivid imagination:

7. When someone totally misses the plot:

8. When you think, Okay, but that would probably be true:

9. When you'd rather just get it over with:

10. When it feels like your brain has been rewired...

11. ...at home...

12. ...and in public:

13. When you never fail to think this, even though you're an adult:

14. When you think, Actually, I might try that:

15. When this magical bonding moment happens:

When you ask if anyone has a spare tampon, and they do.

16. When your period turns the dial up to 11:

17. When you wonder if your period is pure evil:

18. Or just a total jerk:

19. Seriously:

20. When it feels like you have ~Spidey sense~:

21. When your period decides to spite you:

22. When it's a good thing you purchased in bulk:

23. When people need to just chill and mind their own business:

24. When you have to do the adjustment dance:

25. When TV makes you question everything:

26. When your mind and body don't sync up:

27. When you make this major achievement:

28. When you see someone who just doesn't GET it:

29. When you realize there's at least one benefit to getting periods...

30. ...or two?

31. And finally, when this explained everything: