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17 Hilarious Jokes About Being A Lazy Piece Of Shit

You do long as it's from the sofa.

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1. When you finally accept reality.

2. When chores are just the worst.

3. Seriously.

4. When you have this struggle, like, every morning.

5. And this struggle every night.

6. When your after work plans go hilariously astray.

cynthialeu / Via

7. When you at least tried.

meme_queen_xox / Via

8. When procrastination becomes your worst enemy.

9. When you have this honest realization.

10. When the bare minimum is realistically enough.

11. When, you know, at least it works.

Estoye / Via

12. When, whatever, it STILL COUNTS.

13. When you at least have the best intentions.

14. When you just want to look out for yourself.

netiebee / Via

15. When you actually discover a benefit of being lazy.

16. When you just want to cut to the chase.

17. And finally, when you know this truth.

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