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This "Twin Peaks" Easter Egg Is So Amazingly Creepy And Brilliant You'll Freak

Doppelgänger Coop, I see you. H/T

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However, when Gordon finally "found" Coop in the new season (or at least who he was TOLD is Coop because, as we all know, it's just Mr. C – aka Doppelgänger Coop – parading around as our favorite FBI beau), he very accurately pointed out to Albert, "I don't think he greeted me properly, if you take my meaning...something is VERY wrong."


Let's just back up for a moment though. Remember how everyone (minus Coop) talks in the Black Lodge – i.e., they TALK BACKWARDS?


Really, talking backwards, but then played forwards to give the Black Lodge an extra CREEPY vibe.

Don't believe me? Check out this great video from Weird Cinema breaking it all down:

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This marks the first time anyone speaks like this outside of the Black Lodge and now has me asking all KINDS of questions...


Like, will Doppelgänger Coop speak backwards more and more now? Does this mean "evil" is seeping out from the Lodge? Will it affect anyone else? And, because this is Twin Peaks, WHY is this happening?!?! Guess we'll find out soon...although, let's be real, probably not (which is okay too)!

This Easter egg was first pointed out by Reddit user Sully620 via