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Marfan's Syndrome, Mandibular Tori, And 17 More Really Interesting Body Abnormalities People Are Proudly Sharing

I'm so confused by the last pic of the person with extra bones in their mouth...

Just in case your mama never told you, here's a reminder that everyone's body is unique and different. In fact, some people have body parts that are SO unique and different that they feel very inclined to share them with the world. And that's where r/mildlyinteresting comes in!

I really love when people share their interesting body abnormalities because it's honestly just fascinating to see. So I decided to round up a bunch of some of the most commented and top-voted ones as of late, and they did not disappoint. Check it out:


"Are they more likely to break? Serious question."


"The bones are slightly weaker." (OP)



"How strong is your control of the joint close to your nails?"


"Extremely, I've assumed it's not the same for normal hands since most people fail to try and replicate it when I bend the ends of my fingers."

Silence31603 (OP)


"But sometimes the patch gets goosebumps when the rest of my leg doesn't."

mcrfreak78 (OP)


"It's called a torus. They're very rare. I have them on top and bottom."



"Also my pube hair is split down the middle, is also left side blond and right side black. You’re never gonna see that shit though."

maxmcthunder (OP)


"Tell me about you shopping for gloves."


"It’s what I assume purgatory is like, mildly disappointing."

Angel-Poppet (OP)


"Looks like she has Raynaud's syndrome."


"Seeing a lot of people mention this — interesting! It’s nice to have a name for it. She’s seen a doctor before who just shrugged her off saying 'some people are just like that.' So haven’t thought more about it."

justlollygagging (OP)


"I have one, too!"


"I've gone my whole life as the only person I've ever met with one, within 2 minutes of posting it on Reddit, I find a comrade lmao. That's wild."



"I'm no doctor, but I believe the medical term for that is a 'twovula.'"




"I need to know if you can wiggle your auxiliary toe?"


"Subject has replied: No, also it's boneless"

vainamoinens-scythe (OP)


"It's been there since I was a kid. Thankfully, it hasn't come through the skin yet. If it does, I'll need surgery to remove it."

zzzzzzzzzzd (OP)


"You’re lucky yours came out whole and not in pieces as mine did"


"Two came out whole. And I've got a few fragments of the two others. They're in a jar for now. :)"

tastefuldebauchery (OP)


"Ah, a Simian crease! It happens in 1 out of 30 people, and is also frequently associated with other conditions such as Down syndrome, Aarskog syndrome, or fetal alcohol syndrome."



"How often do you have to get checked for new teeth? I'm sure it's annoying as hell for you. Though, as someone who was born with very weak teeth and now has dentures at age 32, I can't say I don't find this super interesting. Would be really cool to be able to regrow the teeth I've lost."


"As for starter teeth, as I call the one pictured, I get about four a year that I find. They are usually found when I get dental X-rays done, I don't go out of my way looking for them."

TombStone5811 (OP)


"My dentist would describe that double wisdom tooth as 'fun and games.' That’s not a good thing."


"Yeah, the oral surgeon I talked to pointed out that the lower tooth of the two 'kissing' teeth could possibly be close to the nerve of the lower jaw there. But that would only be able to be determined during the surgery. Either they can remove the whole tooth, or they’ll remove the crown and we’ll observe the roots of the tooth after."

Kroocs (OP)


"I remember my mum saying when I was a kid that I could have it operated on one day to make it ~normal~ if it really bothered me, but I was essentially like Nah, fuck it if people have a problem with this there's a problem with them."

Nintendeion (OP)


"How does this affect what most folks do as day-to-day activities? Things like riding a bike, driving, typing, etc."


"Most stuff is okay, but typing and writing can occasionally be really tough. It’s easy to open pickle jars though."



"At least you know you’re the clone, can accept it and move on now."



"Nice teeth tho."