17 Deeply Fascinating Body Abnormalities People Proudly Shared

    I’m actually blown away at what the human body can do.

    Hey folks, just in case you live under a rock, here's a reminder that everyone's body is very unique and also very different. In fact, some people have parts of their bodies that are SO unique and different that they feel inclined to share them with the world. And that's where r/mildlyinteresting comes in!

    Personally, I love seeing people share their interesting body abnormalities because it's really fascinating and educational. So, I rounded up some of the most commented and top-voted ones as of late, and they did not disappoint. Check it out:

    1. "Each of my hands are different size, shape, and color."

    Hand on the left is pale with bendy fingers, the one on the right is more red with straight fingers

    2. "I work outdoors. This is the color difference of my hand and my foot."

    A very pale foot and a very suntanned hand that has lots of wrinkles

    3. "Here are my Marfan syndrome hands."

    A hand with extremely long fingers

    4. "None of my fingers (or toes) have middle knuckles, and it's hereditary."

    A hand that only has knuckles near the top on each finger

    5. "I found a hair that went black to white to black again! Never dyed my hair."

    A person holding a long hair that goes from dark to white to dark

    6. "I've got too many bones in my mouth (aka tori)."

    A person with their mouth open showing another set of teeth, just below the gums inside the bottom of their mouth

    7. "Due to a pigmentation, the hair on my left leg is blond, and the hair on my right leg is black."

    A person with two different colored leg hairs

    8. "My birthmark becomes more visible the colder I am."

    A person whose skin shows a much more prominent, dark purple birth mark in a second photo

    9. "My right index finger is longer than my other fingers."

    A person whose right hand has a really long index finger longer than all their other fingers

    10. "My sister’s blood circulation makes it look like her middle finger belongs to someone else."

    A person's h and that looks fairly red, except the middle finger which is very pale

    11. "I have a split (bifid) uvula in my mouth."

    A person with their mouth open revealing a split uvula

    12. "This toe, with its own toe, complete with its own nail."

    A person's foot showing the big toe with a small growth near the quick that looks like a miniature toe

    13. "My left eye grows a single, fragile grey eyelash that grows as long as I let it."

    A person holding out a very long, curly, blonde eyelash from their eye

    14. "I have a tooth in the roof of my mouth."

    An x ray of a person's mouth showing a tooth in the middle of the roof of their mouth

    15. "I have five wisdom teeth."

    An x ray showing a full scan of someone's mouth and 2 wisdom teeth on the bottom right where there should be just one

    16. "There's a patch on my leg that doesn't get goosebumps."

    A person's thigh with goosebumps except for one flat area

    17. "I have this weird gap under my tongue. I didn’t realize not many people have this."

    A person showing the inside of their mouth that has a deep gap at the bottom

    Do you have a really fascinating body abnormality you'd like to share? Show us in the comments below, or submit via this anonymous form, and hopefully, we can do a part two!