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    15 Facts That Will Make You Stop And Think, "Wow, I Don't Know Anything"

    Green chicken eggs and black apples exist!

    1. Did you know blue stop signs actually exist?

    2. As do traffic lights where the pole lights up, too?

    3. Did you know you can set your iPhone to take screenshots by tapping on the back? (It's true, I just tested it!)

    4. Did you know chickens can lay eggs that are not just white or brown but also green?

    5. Did you know that black apples exist?

    6. Or that store-bought apples are oftentimes a year old (or more)?

    7. Did you know that Sony Vaio's logo is a clever mashup of old tech and new tech?

    #Logo #Design #Inspiration Sony VAIO At first you just see the word VAIO, but look a little closer and you'll see t…

    It looks like an analog wavelength (the V and A) combined with a digital binary code (the I and O).

    8. Or that the Cisco logo represents both an electromagnet AND the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (where the company was founded)?

    @iafrikan Did you know our logo was influenced by the Golden Gate bridge as well? Here's a deeper look into our history with San Francisco ⬇️

    9. Did you know they actually make cleaning machines for pit balls?

    10. Did you know that lily pads can 1) grow to be this large, and 2) look like this underneath?

    11. Or that frogs could be this TINY?!

    12. Did you know that in Iceland, some hotel phones have a special button to wake you up if there are northern lights to see?

    13. Did you know they will sometimes literally just use spoons to collect specimens during surgery?

    14. Did you know those "bonus" fries at the bottom of your Five Guys bag aren't actually a bonus? (Sorry.)

    15. And finally, did you know that Costco's hot dog combo has been the same price, $1.50, since 1984?

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting.