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16 People Who Are So Damn Right It's Not Even Funny

The rest of you can go to hell.

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1. This person has never been more right in their life.

2. Or this person, either.

3. This ketchup-on-fries lover is so right, it hurts.

elaroox / Via

4. Sure, you could have JUST cheese on your fries, but what's the point when adding ketchup makes it that much better?

5. If you're not this person, then I feel sorry for you.

saiyannsailin / Via

6. I mean, is this not the most beautiful photo you've ever seen?

7. This person has figured out that the only thing better than cheese and bacon on fries is a bunch of ketchup.

8. And this person wants you to know that ranch is just a side show compared to the real STAR, ketchup.

9. You don't want your fries to be naked.

10. So why not cover them in two pounds of that tomatoey goodness?

11. And while you're at it, might as well just put it on the rest of your food, too.

12. Or not, it's up to you — just be sure to cover those fries.

bambam901706 / Via

13. This Einstein has got it FIG-UR-ED OUT.

14. There are angels among us the world...

15. one of them.

16. No matter where you are.

Just, whatever you do, don't be this person.

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