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    If "Oregon Trail" Was Made For Twentysomethings

    Dysentery isn't the only thing that can kill you.

    1. You'd start off with a lot of difficult choices:

    2. Then spend several hours crafting the perfect squad:

    3. Going shopping would remind you how broke you truly are:

    4. Some members would meet bittersweet endings:

    5. And others would discover why dating can be the worst...

    6. ...seriously:

    7. You'd spend more time than you'd like hunting for the perfect apartment (that doesn't exist):

    8. You'd lose more than members along the way:

    9. And occasionally lose your self-control too:

    10. The littlest achievement would feel like a major milestone...

    11. ...even when it backfires completely:

    12. And in the end, even with all the disasters, you could still hit "play again."