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If Disney Characters Looked More Accurate To The Fairy Tales

Sorry for ruining your childhood...not really.

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In the actual fairy tale, the little mermaid is first allowed to visit the surface when she turns 15 – and there's some very particular decor she has to wear when she does:

Oh, and about that ending. Basically what happens in the book is the prince marries someone else and the little mermaid turns into foam and then some kind of air-being:


In the actual fairy tale, Snow White is often referred to as a "child" for a lot of the story. In fact, she isn't even a teenager when the Queen first asks her iconic question:

Speaking of the Evil Queen, in the Disney film she of course meets her demise by falling off a cliff. However, in the actual fairy tale the Queen shows up to Snow White's wedding before meeting a slightly more intense end:


In the actual fairy tale, Cinderella has not one, but three different gowns (which she receives from a tree and some birds, not a "fairy god mother.") Also, it turns out those famous slippers aren't even made of glass:

In the actual fairy tale the stepsisters attempt to make Cinderella's slipper fit by cutting off a toe and a heel (respectively). And on top of that, they make the mistake of attending her wedding:


In the actual fairy tale Maleficent is just another one of the fairies (which, BTW there are 13 of). Also, they're not even fairies, but "wise women" – and thanks to the King's weird policies Maleficent gets totally screwed over:

In the actual fairy tale Frozen is super loosely based on, there is no Elsa. However, there is a little boy named Kay and just like Elsa he has a sister (OK technically, a friend, but practically a sister) who goes on a crazy journey to find him:


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