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This Is What Happens When You Wear Full-On Makeup For A Week

Beauty sleep > Beautyblenders.

Hi! I'm Crystal and I'm not really into wearing makeup.

It's not that I don't LIKE makeup — it's more that I'm too lazy to wear it every damn day. Like, this is me:

So, I decided to challenge myself and see what it was like to put on a FULL face of makeup every day for a (work) week.

What I was expecting:

I was pretty sure I would be VERY tired every morning (and possibly late to work). And I was also fairly certain that none of the looks would work well with my face — i.e., I'd hate every one of them. I also thought I'd be able to just "wing it" with the mishmash of makeup I already owned.**

**This turned out to be my first mistake — because late on Sunday, while prepping for my week of full makeup, I realized I was in dire need of a few things I didn't already own: setting powder, a contour palette, highlighter, and lip liner. LOL.

Day one: "Sweet spring makeup" inspired by Tina Yong's tutorial here.

The result:

Day two: "Everyday makeup" inspired by Jackie Aina's tutorial here.

The result:

Day three: "Glam Adele look" inspired by Nikkie de Jager's tutorial here.

The result:

Day four: "Signature look" inspired by Huda Kattan's tutorial here.

The result:

Day five: My own look!

The result:

What I learned: