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Thandie Newton's Gown Celebrating Black "Star Wars" Icons Is Perfect, Just Like Her

A long time ago on a red carpet far, far away.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I need you to take a quick break from whatever you're doing and appreciate the brilliance that is Thandie Newton and her Cannes dress — because not only is this dress beautiful (OBVIOUSLY), but it's also a tribute to all the iconic black characters that have appeared in Star Wars.

A closer look at some of the details for those who need it (which is literally all of us):


Newton, as you may or may not know, will portray the Star Wars franchise's very first black female lead, Val, in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story film.


Speaking about her character with the Radio Times, Newton excitedly said, "I’m the first woman of color to have a prominent role in the Star Wars legacy. There have been others with one line and Lupita Nyong’o was a computer-generated character (in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi), but you didn’t get to see the color of her skin. I’m the first. I’m going to have a toy and everything. It’s exciting, but that’s all I can say. It is a big deal.”

According to Erin Walsh, Newton's stylist, it was the Star Wars star's "brilliant idea to make a dress covered in a print with photos of iconic black Star Wars characters!"

Walsh continued, "She wanted to celebrate her role in the iconic history of the franchise!!"